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Dutch | May 5, 2020

Who are we, and why are we doing this?


How do I join?

Start HERE

What is Gophr Work?

A commercial courier app. They have given us free access to piggy-back their service for our volunteers.

Shall I just download Gophr Work app and start volunteering?

Hell no. You MUST start with the Volunteer webform. Go back to the Volunteer page and read everything.

I’m struggling with signing-on to the Gophr Work app, What am I doing wrong?

Have you read the online signing-on guide? It’s HERE.

I found two Gophr Apps on the my app store. Which one is correct?

Hmmm. You didn’t read the guide, did you? The app is called Gophr Work.
Before you start filling in your details, read the signing-on guide.

I didn’t read your signing-on guide or follow the links at the end of the Volunteer Web Form, so I’ve downloaded and signed up to the wrong Gophr app. What do I do?

We can’t fix this. You will have to start again on the correct Gophr Work app with a new email address. Delete the other app.

What documents and info do you actually need for me to join up?

Apart from your name, address, mobile phone and email, we only need photos of your driving license, your standard motorcycle insurance and your MOT, if you need one.

When the app asks for documents we don’t need for volunteers (see list below), you will need to upload a blank image and enter info as instructed by our guide – so you will need to follow the guide to do this correctly.

Why is the app asking for my bank details, etc?

We do NOT need this. Read the guide HERE. It will tell you what is going on, and how to skip these parts.

Why is the app asking for Goods in Transit insurance / Public Liability insurance / VAT number etc.

We do NOT need this. Read the guide HERE. It will tell you what is going on, and how to skip these parts.

…Did we mention the guide?

The form says my driving license number is too long?

Each hard-copy license has a space and an issue number after your actual license number. Don’t include this. You should only fill-in the first 16 characters.

I’m being asked for a DVLA license-check number?

Please enter 8x zeros.

How do I know I’m not signed-up as a commercial courier?

If you filled out the Volunteer Web Form correctly, you should be “tagged” as volunteer and will only see volunteer jobs.
If you see jobs with a price, you are not tagged correctly.
To fix this, get in touch with the LIVE CHAT team via the Gopher app under menu>about us>live chat.

Do we need riders in Blackpool/Glasgow/Bristol/Maidstone/Tyneside, etc?

This is a national venture, and our partners want us to be everywhere, but we do need enough riders in each area to seek/offer work, so, sign-up wherever you are, and encourage local rider groups too.

What hours do the Volunteer tasks/App operate?

We run tasks from 7am till 9pm, seven days a week.

Will I get alerts when jobs come up?

No. We will send push notifications for urgent jobs that have a pickup near you
To see more jobs you do need to check the notice board.
Remember you only see jobs within your distance and carriage limits, and when your status is ON.

Do I need DBS / Criminal Record Check?

No you don’t, but if you have one, we can give you more jobs, carrying medicine, test kits etc, and jobs for Team Rubicon UK.

I just got a DBS check and certificate. How do I add this to my profile?

Great! … Get in touch with the Gophr Ops team via the Live Chat on your app and tell them your certificate number. menu>about us>live chat

Am I insured?

According to the ABI all insurers have pledged to support those doing volunteer work, and you are covered as long as there is no “reward” i.e payment, Most motorcycles insurers have gone further and highlighted their support for our volunteers. There’s more online HERE.

Why can’t I see any jobs on the Job Board?

Next day jobs are posted at 7.30PM, but if that’s all you can see on your job board now, it does not mean a new job for today won’t appear at any moment. Keep checking.

Is your status ON? Have you set your work range too small? Did you set up a very modest carrying capacity?

You will only see jobs within your working range and carrying capacity, when your status on ON.
Otherwise, assume the jobs were there, they got taken and were deleted.

Ignore notices about KPIs.

On delivery the app asks for a photo and signature proof. What should I do?

Since the Covid-19 crisis most couriers do not take signatures, but photo-proof of delivery is safe and just as useful, and you might even get a nice pic of a happy person – at a safe distance of course.

I keep getting App messages asking “Where are you?” How do I stop it?

Your phone turns the GPS on and off when it goes into power safe mode, so when that happens your location is lost and Gophr goes looking. Ignore it or get technical on your phone settings, and make sure you are tracked all the time, and not just when the app is on.

I have provided a few personal ID documents. What about GDPR?

We only ask for, and retain, your driving license and proof of insurance. These are stored by Gophr (not Bike Shed) under GDPR compliant conditions, and will not be shared or used out of context. When you leave the volunteer app these can be deleted.

I’m still having technical issues. Who do I call?

During office hours, you can speak to the Gophr ops team via your App Live Chat function. They can fix many things, or help you on a job. Find chat under menu>about us>live chat

I’ve arrived at the pickup-drop-off address and no-one is there and I seem to have the wrong contact number. What shall I do?

Please use the Live Chat on your app at menu>about us>live chat

I suddenly have to cancel my pickup. Who do I call?

In a real emergency, call Vikki one 07843 562 177, but please start with the pickup person, the drop off person or the Live Chat on the App via menu>about us>live chat

I’d like to give feedback on a job.

Email and tell them what happened, with the date of the job, pickup and/or delivery postcodes and any job reference.

How do the authorities know who we are?

You have the app, and you should be on a live job. Riders can add decals to their bikes, and wear tabards, available from the Bike Shed crew. There is also a key-worker letter you can download on the app, which is on your Courier Profile.

Where do I get my tabard/bib and decals?

We are getting these out to local hubs for collection, and will set specific days for collection from the Bike Shed when we are there. Follow us on Facebook for updates.

How do I choose my carrying capacity by weight & size?

We can’t capture multiple luggage options, so pick your largest box, bag or bungie-able carrying size and fill-in those details. We limit our partners to 15kg and 60 x 60 x 60cm, so you can select to carry more than that, but you might never be asked.

When will I get a job in my area?

We do not create the jobs. They come from local volunteer groups, who operate village-by-village, town-by-town, and city borough-by-borough, Naturally, most of them do not know who we are or what we do – unless you tell them. There is no national coordination of local work for us to contact.

To get work near you, please do use your local knowledge to reach out to those groups make PPE, Scrubs, Shield, etc, and offer them our free services. Use this link and share it with them.

Also consider that before we can serve an area, region or town, we need enough riders there, so we have to sign riders up, first, so if you’re not in a big city or an active area, who may have a couple of weeks of waiting before jobs start to appear.

Won’t this all be over by the time I get some work?

We actually expect to get more busy as the lockdown is slowly lifted, as those who are shielding and/or are vulnerable will be more exposed than before, and there will be less people around on lockdown able and willing to help.