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Rapid NHS Staff Testing

Dutch | March 1, 2020

Bike Shed Community Response volunteers are supporting Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trusts’ rapid testing of NHS staff members for COVID-19 in their homes, with test kits delivered by motorcycle, and then returned┬ádirectly┬áto the lab for an immediate result.

Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust is based in London and is one of the largest NHS trusts in England. Together with Imperial College London they form an academic health science centre, along with one of the largest and most comprehensive pathology services in the UK.

Imperial Trust has partnered with the Bike Shed Community Response volunteer riders to provide rapid-testing via volunteer couriers, to enable NHS staff members to be tested at home, along with other members of their household, avoiding the need to travel to a hospital or test centre while displaying Covid-19 symptoms.

This pilot project is part of a wider COVID-19 testing approach that will continue throughout the NHS, and is a first at-home testing initiative for all NHS key workers within the trust, supported by volunteer couriers from the Bike Shed Motorcycle Club with Team Rubicon UK, now also known as React.